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NOTICE TO PATIENTS: Surgical Center Ownership

Tennessee Surgery Center is owned and operated by The Surgical Clinic. We are required by Federal law to notify you that some of the physicians that are part of the The Surgical Clinic hold financial interests or ownership in Tennessee Surgery Center. We are required to disclose this financial interest or ownership in writing prior to the start of the procedure you are scheduled to receive. A list of physicians who have a financial interest in Tennessee Surgery Center follows:

George Lynch, MD

James McDowell, MD

John Boskind, MD

Alex Fruin, MD

Marc Rosen, MD

K. Tyson Thomas, MD

Patrick Wolf, MD

Trudie Goers, MD

Willie Melvin, III, MD

William Polk, MD

Josh Taylor, MD

J. Tyler Watson, MD

E. Dwayne Lett, MD

Robert Garza, MD

Timothy Bush, DPM

Todd Bushman, DPM

Drew Reynolds, MD

Clinton Marlar, MD

Mariana Chavez, MD

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